How to Write a Recommendation Letter for your Students in 2023 | Share this with your Teacher

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This article guides you thoroughly on how to write a letter of recommendation for your student. It answers all your questions on what to include in a LOR and more.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for your Students in 2023 | Share this with your Teacher

With the admission season right around the corner, we know a long line of students awaits you to write their letters of recommendation. The LORs now play a crucial role during

the admission process. It can make or break an applicant’s way to their dream college. Writing a power-packed letter of recommendation for students can be a game-changer in their admissions journey. And we know that as a responsible teacher, you wish to write the best LOR for your student, which is why we are here to help!

A powerful letter of recommendation offers an enthusiastic endorsement for the student's eligibility, supports their application materials, and gives faculty members exclusive access to the student's qualifications. This article provides information on how to write the best letter of recommendation, what to include in a letter of recommendation, and other such queries. Read till the end to find some positive letter of recommendation examples and samples attached to help you create an outline for your LOR!

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation (LOR) provides crucial details regarding a student's moral character, academic performance, educational background, and other attributes. The students ask teachers to write a letter of recommendation to demonstrate their qualifications and eligibility in support of their academic or professional goals.

The LORs are typically essential while applying for further education overseas or a job abroad. In addition to the criteria of a foreign university or employer, the immigration authorities frequently request to see these letters of recommendation. However, many Indian universities and colleges have now started to ask for LORs in their admission process.

What to include in a Letter of Recommendation?

The biggest hurdle lies in deciding what to include in a letter of recommendation. While writing a letter of recommendation for students, you must share only relevant information. The applicant’s goal and targeted organization should be kept in mind while writing LOR. Here are six details that should be included in a letter of recommendation:

  • Personal Introduction: You should start the LOR with your introduction. While writing the letter of recommendation, the teacher must describe why and how they are qualified to recommend the following student. Include details regarding your job role and the subject you teach. You must also specify for how long you have known the student. It would throw more insight into your educational journey with the student.
  • Personalized Tones: Writing a letter of recommendation for students, is a huge responsibility that requires sincere efforts. You can’t follow a set script and structure for all colleges. The qualifications and experiences shared for one college may not work at another. Thus, each LOR should be customized for the targeted organization’s application requirements. Try to find out whom to address in the letter and write accordingly.
  • Student’s Skills and Talents: Provide context on how a student is as an individual, their qualifications, and talents. Think about how would you describe a good student in a letter of recommendation and proceed with that perspective. The teacher must highlight what makes this particular student different from the others. You can describe if the student was good in games if they held any leadership positions or did any volunteer work and other similar details.
  • Awards and Experiences: Once you have explained their skills, support your text with proper references. You may share relevant incidents from the past. It establishes the applicant as a sincere and genuine candidate. For instance, sharing that the candidate has won the XYZ award in writing is better than just calling him a good writer.
  • Match-Making: Lastly, explain why and how the candidate is a perfect fit for the job role or university in question. Try to draw parallels between the mentioned requirements and the candidate’s skills and experience.
  • Suitable Ending: The LORs need both a strong beginning and end. It should not end abruptly. The LORs should end on an optimistic and positive note. In the end, express your firm belief in the candidate’s skills and capabilities. Gently urge the authorities to accept the candidate. Also, don’t forget to add your contact details for further communications.

Positive Letter of Recommendation Examples

These example student recommendation letters will help you out when you sit and wonder how do I write a letter of recommendation for a student. This well-crafted example student recommendation letters template will give you a clear idea and inspiration for writing your own LOR:

Example: Student Recommendation Letter for a College Applicant

Greetings, Miss. Shalini,

My name is Abhilasha Chauhan, and I teach English at Lucknow Public School in Lucknow for the past 8 years. From Standard 8 to Standard 10, Akansha Swaroop was one of my students, and during this time, we became close. Akansha is a top-notch student who is highly intelligent and driven to succeed.

She applied for a B.A. in content writing at the University of Texas, and I urge you to take that into consideration. She is a talented writer as well as an avid reader. She contributed frequently to our school journal, for which she received the Best Writer honor for the 2021–22 academic year.

She will definitely continue to develop as a writer, especially with the help of your knowledgeable professors. When she was a student of mine, I saw her bounce back from failures with the will to perform better the next time. Akansha will be a wonderful fit for this program at the University of Texas thanks to these qualities and more such wonderful talents.

Please contact me at or via phone at (91)-1234456778 if you have any additional queries.


Abhilasha Chauhan

Lucknow Public School, Lucknow.

With a such positive letter of recommendation examples to follow, you are all set to write the best LOR for your students! While writing the letter of recommendation, always follow the 4c rule; keep it crisp, clear, coherent, and concise!

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