Want to increase your GRE score? Ask WHEN not HOW.

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Most people require 2-4 months between the start of their GRE preparation and their application deadlines. Worried about when to take the test? Read our blog to know everything about the GRE exam.

Want to increase your GRE score? Ask WHEN not HOW.

Let’s face it, the application process for graduate school is daunting for most students, especially if studying abroad! With so much to prepare, it’s normal to overlook minor aspects of your application.

The GRE, or general record examination, is a critical component of getting admission in your dream university. Now, we're sure that you must have read a thousand blogs on 'HOWto study for the GRE'.

But did you know that knowing WHEN to give the GRE is just as important?

Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Read this blog till the end to know the right time to give your GRE so that you have ample time to prepare without missing any deadlines.

When To Take the GRE?: Test Date, Deadline

It's a good rule of thumb for students to receive their GRE scores at least 12 months before their program's starting date. If you wish to enroll in spring or fall 2024, your GRE scores should be ready by February or March 2023.

With university deadlines typically ending in November and December, it is important to have your scores prepared and sent to the university as early as possible. This will ensure it's received by the administration with ample time before the cutoff date. Even if the deadline isn't until later, you can still submit your application early!

Fortunately for those planning on taking a break before grad school, GRE scores are valid for five years. Though it may seem tempting to procrastinate, taking the GRE when you're still an undergraduate student is ideal so that your "learning mindset" is at its sharpest.

When Is the Best Time To Give GRE for Fall 2022-23

If you are applying for the autumn of 2024, the best time to take the GRE is in May/June of 2023. In March or April 2023, begin narrowing down your preferred universities. This is the optimal timeframe to avoid missing any deadlines.

Fortunately, examination dates are flexible and are offered regularly, allowing you to schedule your GRE whenever you feel most confident.

Why Allot Extra Time to Retake the GRE Before Applying?

Giving yourself enough time to retake the GRE is crucial. This will not only alleviate your anxiety but also allow you to retake the test if you're not satisfied with your results.

It would be imprudent to rely on one exam score immediately before submitting your application. Most students who take the GRE a second time achieve a higher score, so do yourself a favor and leave plenty of time for retakes!

When Will I Receive the Test Scores?

It requires approximately two weeks to produce a GRE score report. Your verbal and quantitative test scores are provided to you on the test day. Your analytical writing assessment (AWA), on the other hand, is generated in your final scorecard.

What Problems Will I Face While Deciding When to Take the GRE?

Students undoubtedly face issues when deciding to take the GRE. During application time, examination centers and available timing slots become increasingly harder to find.

This may result in you having to drive further away to arrive on time for the exam if a nearer option isn’t available. Scheduling your GRE as soon as possible will eliminate these hassles and make the process much more comfortable.

If you feel underprepared as your exam date draws nearer, there is always the option to reschedule. Regardless of the $50 rescheduling fee, it's best to postpone your exam until you feel ready. It's demoralizing to receive a low score, and it will only serve to damage your confidence further.

Is It Easier if I Take the GRE at the End of the Month?

It is commonly thought that scheduling your test at the end of the month will make the questions less difficult. This is a fallacy. The GRE exam is an adaptive test that produces questions randomly. Some questions may repeat, but the time of month does not affect this.


When should I take the GRE for fall 2023?

If applying for the fall 2024 semester, the ideal time for taking the GRE in May/June 2023. Though if this time frame is unfeasible, it's best to err on the side of caution and select an earlier date.

When should I start applying for fall 2023?

Admission deadlines for the top universities in the US usually fall in November or December. Hence it is ideal to take GRE in late May or early June. This will ensure your scores are ready to complete an online application for your program.

Will GRE be needed for fall 2023?

If your dream to study abroad has been inhibited by the GRE/GMAT tests, these GRE and GMAT test waivers will save you a massive amount of time in your study abroad journey.

Currently, many universities have waived GRE and GMAT submissions. It is a great opportunity for students who otherwise have strong resumes but haven't scored well on the aptitude tests.

Numerous colleges have excluded prospective students from the GRE/GMAT requirement after the pandemic. However, you need to check your specific university’s website or email them directly to know about your specific course requirements.

Is GRE at home accepted for fall 2024?

Yes. ETS has been adamant about the approval of the home version of the test. Any university that accepts the standard GRE also acknowledges the home test.

No university has officially stated that they won't accept the home version of the test. moreover, ETS states that: “Any school that accepts the GRE General Test taken at a test center will also accept the GRE General Test taken at home.”

Therefore, you have no reason to doubt the test’s eligibility as far as universities are concerned. Both tests are identical, so it comes down to whichever is more convenient for you.

Does Harvard require GRE 2023?

While some Harvard programs require GRE scores, others do not recognize them and should not be included in your application.

For instance, a GRE isn’t mandated for the Ph.D and master’s programs for Computational Science & Engineering and Data Science.

However, the GRE is needed to enter the Master of Design Engineering school or the MBA. Inquiring if the GRE is required for your specific degree is always recommended.

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